Customising project approach according to their needs & timeline

Customer Experience (CX) Design

The concept of experience is blurry. Together, we can clarify the scope, create a vision and construct a roadmap around engaging customers or users at the right place and time. Touchpoint definition is approached from both a customer and brand perspective.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service design & rituals
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Experience scalability

Brand Strategy

Competition is fierce. By better defining the brand’s purpose, personality and attributes, your brand can differentiate within the market. This also serves as a foundation for business expansion and cross-functional projects.

  • Brand positioning & narrative
  • Comprehensive brand audits
  • Creative & commercial vision
  • Ideation workshops

UX/UI Design

Digital platforms are key for brands today. By understanding your target user and product USPs, we can identify, ideate and design a desirable, viable interface. This can be a website, application or product display.

  • Research & testing
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Style guides

Content Strategy

Brands talk all the time. This happens throughout the customer and user journey, whether it’s in-store, in-person or through an app. Better defining and implementing the brand’s tone of voice ensures message suitability and consistency.

  • Tone of voice creation
  • Communication hierarchy
  • Service messaging
  • Guidelines & documentation