Emily Vernon

An adventurist of all kinds

A lot has happened since growing up in LA and graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design.

For over ten years I’ve worked in numerous creative industries, countries and expertises. Whether retail or streetwear, the US or the Netherlands, footwear designer or creative strategist, agency or in-house, each expanded my perspective on design.

To better adapt to today’s rapid developments, I challenge my abilities professionally and personally. My extracurricular activities include everything from stand-up comedy to heavy weather sailing. My ultimate, ultimate dream is to own multiple hotels in hard-to-reach destinations after circumnavigating the world by sailboat.

It’s a tall order, I know. But I have to make up for my short stature somehow.


  • Stand-up comedy
  • Music journalism
  • Sailing & boat renovation
  • Footwear design
  • Boring things