New market expansion
via brand innovation
& customer experience

Navigating a better way

Growth and scale are an increasing need - but where to start and who has the time?

We'll collaborate together on a tailored framework to pilot new services, better manage your brand and optimise experiences to be market-fit.

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Hi there - I’m Emily

I am a global brand consultant focused on new market expansion and exploration.

Through innovative service platforms, customer experiences and brand ecosystems I help my mid to large size corporate clients scale globally.

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Emily is an all-round strategy powerhouse, combining in-depth analytical thinking with future-forward creativity.

Explore packages below to see how I can help your brand and business thrive:

Sandbox to sandcastle

Grow creative and business value though new initiatives. We’ll run a complete growth kick-start that both shifts the organisation and builds trust, while analysing and piloting new services and business models.

Brand scale-up

Establishing brand consistency builds trust. Let’s get your brand back on-track by assessing where you are and where you want to be. We will build the needed resources and systems to scale brands.

Make it market-fit

Level-up if you’re an ambitious start-up. It’s time to strategically look at your user experience to scale better. We’ll improve the experience, while considering business models and investors.

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Interactive, in-store skincare solutions

Spearheading strategy for a China-specific beauty retail experience

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Cultivating an Innovative Brand Image

In a world saturated with choices, standing out from the crowd is a constant battle for brands. But there’s one quality that consistently captures consumer attention: innovation. A study by...

27 Apr 2023

Demystifying Personalisation in Customer Experience

Remember the days when a generic email with your first name felt like the pinnacle of personalisation? In today’s experience-driven economy, customers crave interactions that feel tailored, relevant and intuitive....

04 Feb 2023

Bringing Other Teams into the Creative Process

Creative projects can either seem fun or intimidating for ‘non-creative’ functions. The specific terminology, feedback required and overall process can seem unlike other projects. However, having diverse perspectives is invaluable...

12 Dec 2022

Integrate DEI within customer experience

With a global team, we created one of the first publications on this pivotal topic.

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