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Hotels, retail and all brands IRL need to constantly engage and delight their future audiences to increase fanfare, loyalty and sales.

Hi there - I'm Emily

Future-proofing brands and businesses through customer experience (CX).

I’m a guest and customer experience designer and strategist with a background in brand strategy and sneaker design. My goal is to bring creativity and clarity to customer experience.

Latest insights

How to Study for the CCXP Exam, Honest and In-Depth

It’s hard to find an honest review of preparing for the CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) exam. My initial search engine hits were blog articles ultimatley trying to sell a...

Is the Next Customer Experience (CX) Revolution Creative-Led?

Customer experience (CX) is a relatively young, ever-changing discipline. Evolving from customer support and marketing, customer experience traditionally focused on governance and management. However, more creative professionals and even branding...

CX Fundamentals to Boost Employee Experience

The correlation between employee experience and business growth is undeniable. However, many still struggle with ‘out of touch’ or outdated employee experiences. Much like customer experience (CX), companies should create...

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