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Hi there - I’m Emily

Building companies that empower customers and users to create their ideal lifestyles.

Utilising a blend of methodologies across customer experience, service design, UX/UI and brand strategy to create end-to-end experiences.

Here's how

We all want to live our best lives. This is why my focus includes the following industries:


Work Highlights

Discover and collect artwork of emerging artists

Establishing the brand vision and UX/UI for the Artvoy website

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Interactive, in-store skincare solutions

Spearheading strategy for a China-specific beauty retail experience

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Emily is an all-round strategy powerhouse, combining in-depth analytical thinking with future-forward creativity.

Latest insights

Feeling like a Subculture Tourist

As a designer and strategist, it is important to understand subcultures. The varying references, ideas and lifestyles inform projects from beauty to fashion, streetwear to luxury. Today, it feels the...

09 Dec 2021

Springboard UX/UI Course as a Seasoned Design Professional

It took a year to complete the Springboard’s UX/UI bootcamp while working full-time for most of the course. It was exactly what I was looking for - a comprehensive curriculum...

17 Oct 2021

Better Creative Briefs Through Empathy

The brief is either your favourite part of the process or another to-do on your never-ending list. As someone who has both written and received briefs, I understand the potential...

28 Aug 2021

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