Your Identity Foundation Starts with Daily Principles

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Each of us makes a statement in the way we live day-to-day. Many times these are absent from our Instagram posts or Facebook pages, as they are more subtle and profound. However, there’s a bravery in practicing our values consistently - even if they seem illusive - while evaluating their validity, and even researching possibilities of improvement. This is the base of our Identity Foundation.

Life’s dynamic nature makes everyone’s development both rich and fulfilling, as well as muddy and downright confusing. It’s almost like every year presents a new version of ourselves. An upgrade - we hope - influenced by learnings, rewards and failures. To make sense of it all, I sat myself down to write my ‘truths’, or daily principles. There were many, and the following are the thirty I found most significant.

  1. Take action over talk
  2. Get the job done without a fuss
  3. Build confidence over time, not overnight
  4. Streamline morning routines
  5. Minimise possessions, and worries
  6. Overlook trends or fads
  7. Save to invest, invest, invest
  8. Control spending habits
  9. Negotiate … why not?
  10. See ‘no’ as a starting point
  11. Take opportunities without hesitation
  12. Ask the hard questions
  13. Regard asking for help as a sign of strength
  14. Leave situations where not valued
  15. Listen fully to advice and let it sink in
  16. Let people ‘save face’
  17. Lead with compassion
  18. Celebrate others’ victories
  19. Compete with ourselves, not others
  20. Acknowledge and appreciate compliments
  21. Speak up when wronged
  22. Refrain from gossiping
  23. P-a-u-s-e
  24. Use both logic and intuition
  25. Learned to control emotions
  26. Be comfortable being and travelling alone
  27. Try fixing or making things
  28. Take care of both mental and physical well-being
  29. Seek out challenging, even uncomfortable, situations
  30. Test limits to extent comfort zones

We all have our hard days, and not so graceful days. But by reminding ourselves of our daily principles, we can ground our identities when they’ve swayed. And they will. This is why my list is here to stay in Internet-land so I can review them when required. Whether you’ve been looking to change your daily principles, or validate ones you once through odd, I hope these can be of use. Do this exercise my strong, determined self-willed reader and see where it takes you.