Emily is

Keeping busy

An Amsterdam-based strategist and creative who wants to be a part of the now. Previous experience includes:

Footwear Design

Sneakers make people do crazy things for the right product. Brand, storytelling and consumer drive choices in material, construction and color. Longstanding industry insight, solid concept building and quick prototyping techniques lead my process.

Music Journalism

All musicians have more to say than just their lyrics. Digging into their inspiration, process and background offers a better understand of their work. Through research and asking the right questions I am able to deliver this to a curious reader.

Trend Analysis

Utilizing multiple approaches, I thoroughly analyze fashion trends to build better concepts and products. Documentation through photography, video and writing illustrates the overall impression and particulars for an in depth understanding.


Woven Denim

Woven Print

High Shine Metallic

Flight Jacket

Mixed Quilted Leather

Iridescent Reptile


Folk Knit

Summit Nylon

Twisted Leather



Amsterdam, Netherlands

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